Whitcraft Partners to Provide Career Opportunities to the Previously Incarcerated


Our success with the program can be an example to other companies looking for qualified workers.

Back in 2019, Gov. Ned Lamont set out to recruit employers to hire individuals who were previously incarcerated and have completed their sentences. The shortage of qualified workers to fill jobs, especially in the manufacturing sector, was well-known—and this program promised to help employers find new talent while helping the post incarcerated to successfully re-enter society. Whitcraft took advantage of the program early on, and we have had great results.

It’s natural that there is some apprehension when hiring people who have been incarcerated, but our experience has given us no cause for concern. As soon as the new employees get to work and start interacting with their co-workers, the hesitation disappears. One member of our team, Angel Torres, has become a great success story, and he’s now a recognizable face of the program. He actually came to us while still incarcerated, as part of a work furlough program. Once he completed his sentence, he went to work for Whitcraft full time, and he has become a valuable member of our staff.

You can read more about the program in this article on CTNewsJunkie.com.

Now that we are moving out of the pandemic, everything is ramping up—and the workforce shortage is becoming a serious problem once again. Whitcraft will continue to work with the Department of Corrections in this great program, and we’re looking forward to finding more skilled, reliable employees with their help.

We encourage all Connecticut manufacturers to consider participating in this program. Providing training and employment helps those previously incarcerated to reintegrate into society and become productive citizens, and the workers we’ve employed have demonstrated the kind of dedication and commitment that we always hope to find when hiring. If you are having trouble staffing up post-pandemic, contact the Department of Corrections and find out how to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.