Supportive Processes


Whitcraft offers internal capabilities beyond metal movement and removal, providing you with a fully integrated supply chain and one-stop manufacturing solution. Our supportive processes ensure more consistent product quality, on-time delivery, and help us keep our supply chain lean, enabling us to deliver design accurate final products.


Whitcraft custom-designed and fabricated spin pits based on the application need, enabling us to provide a higher-value service for our customers.

During our high-speed spin testing, components are exposed to speeds over and above normal operating speeds in a closed vacuum chamber to ensure the material’s integrity when exposed to high centrifugal forces.


Whitcraft offers the ability to perform both vertical and horizontal dynamic balancing applications for a variety of sizes and shapes.

Dynamic balance is when a rotating system of mass rotates without the assistance of an external force or couple, other than what is required to support its weight. Dynamic balancing is the process of measuring any initial unbalance, then balance weights or material is removed to bring the initial unbalance into tolerance. Whitcraft uses custom tooling and fixtures to consistently produce conforming parts.



Whitcraft’s culture of partnership and innovative problem solving includes forging a mutual working relationship with our customers in all phases of product design and development.

Through technical discussions and agreement on processes and parameters, such as defining the forging envelope to produce a forgeable shape, determining draft angles and tolerances, or heat treating and material properties, we can best produce design accurate parts.



Whitcraft offers expert in-house forge design capabilities to support all product and tooling requirements. Along with on-site tool makers, Whitcraft manufactures complex arbors, tooling, and fixtures to allow proven repetitive production quality of your part.

Leveraging more than 40 years of experience in die design, experienced design engineers utilize the latest CAD and forging simulation software to create optimum configurations required to meet the most challenging requirements while minimizing the machining envelope to provide the most economical forging possible.


Is the moment weight of a blade. This inspection measurements facilitate blade matching to improve turbine or fan balancing and reduce vibrations. Measuring the moment weight of blades is the first stage of balancing a turbine prior to assembly of the rotor.


Whitcraft’s welding capabilities include Conventional, Resistance Spot, Inertia, Seam, Spot, MIG & TIG. For more information on our welding capabilities please contact us.