The Company benefits from a loyal and dedicated labor force of over 650 employees–many employees have been with Whitcraft for over 20 years.

Be a Part of a Best in Class, Aerospace Manufacturing Team:

Whitcraft is one of the largest privately held aerospace manufacturers in the world. We have grown through our relentless focus on developing single piece flow lines and our ability to do Kaizen. Kaizen means change for the betterment of others and is a structured way of improving processes to deliver the best quality parts in the world to our customers. At Whitcraft, you are joining a best in the world manufacturing team and we will teach you The Whitcraft Way.


Choosing the Company That’s Right for You
We know that values and culture are critically important when considering a company. If you really want to fully understand Whitcraft’s ethics and work environment there’s no better way than asking the people who work there.
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Learn by Doing, The Whitcraft Way:

At Whitcraft, you will have the opportunity to work in a hands-on and team-based manner to learn as well as improve processes across every aspect of our business (yes, even business processes!). We do Kaizen Your creative contribution and your ability to innovate matters to us. Everyone contributes and everyone learns.


Partnering to Make a Difference
There aren’t enough qualified people to fill the thousands of manufacturing jobs across the United States. Meanwhile, there are countless individuals working at minimum wage jobs with little or no opportunities for advancement. But as part of a special program in Connecticut, after just five weeks of training, those people can begin working in the manufacturing sector for higher wages where they’ll have vast opportunities to accelerate their careers. Whitcraft is proud to be involved in this program and others in states where we have manufacturing plants.
See how Whitcraft is partnering with Capital Community College to make this possible.

Career Opportunities Available as You Grow:

Whitcraft has facilities in many states across the US and is always growing into other manufacturing footprints. At Whitcraft, you can take on new roles in totally different functions, making parts in any aspect of the aircraft engine and across different sites. The opportunities are endless and available as you grow. Whitcraft has opportunities that will continue to challenge and develop you on your career path to success.

Learn more about a career at Whitcraft and see positions currently available at our Careers Center website.