Whitcraft specializes in both conventional and precision forgings of complex shapes from superalloys, titanium, stainless steel, and nickel alloys. Our large variety of presses allows us to produce high-quality forgings to your exact specifications and properties. In short, we've transformed traditional methods of metal formation into modernized, highly-specialized processes, yielding the exact mechanical properties necessary to meet or exceed your requirements.


Closed-die forging for aerospace (engine and structural), industrial gas turbine and other industries is one of Whitcraft’s core competencies. In fact, we're a recognized industry leader in closed-die forging with the capabilities to forge exotic superalloys. Our forging centers of excellence are staffed with degreed engineers and metallurgists that analyze all requirements required to comply with our customers’ expectations. Our forging facilities are a vital part of our integrated supply chain, but we can make them fit seamlessly into your supply chain if you are looking for traditional closed-die forgings.