Whitcraft Production System

Whitcraft Production System (WPS) was established in late 2012, modeled after the principles of the Toyota Production System (TPS) and mentored by Sensei Chihiro Nakao, Honorary Chairman and Founder of Shingijutsu.

WPS is aimed at providing the best customer support through delivering perfect quality parts with just-in-time delivery. At the heart of WPS is the practice of Kaizen, which are structured workshops where employees and customers focus on making quick process changes for the betterment of our customers and employees.

WPS is how Whitcraft competes to be the best manufacturer in the world and is the primary platform for growth. Whitcraft has a long history of continuous improvement since its inception in the 1960’s.

In 2012, Whitcraft Production System was created (born) using Japanese techniques taught by our Sensei Chihiro Nakao, a direct student of the founder of the toyota production system, Taiichi Oni. The Whitcraft Production System is a relentless approach to developing our people and processes using Kaizen and Moonshining that results in breakthroughs in technology and improved quality through the creation of dedicated single piece flow lines.

Single Piece Flow Line


Single piece process flow is the most efficient means of part manufacturing. It has revolutionized the way we make parts. A self-contained flow line incorporates every process needed for the part and reduces risk, including third party dependence. By flowing parts one piece at a time we ensure quality throughout.